November 14, 2022

On Nov. 8, voters cast ballots on four amendments to the Missouri Constitution and one other ballot issue regarding amending the Missouri Constitution. Three of the amendments were approved including the proposed legalization of marijuana by adults.

Here are the ballot issues and the results:

(Defeated, 46 to 54 percent) — Amendment 1 – to grant the General Assembly statutory authority to invest state funds and expand the State Treasurer’s investment options.

(Approved, 53 to 47 percent) — Amendment 3 – to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana, allowing Missourians 21 years of age and older to purchase, possess, consume marijuana for personal use. The amendment would expunge criminal records for most prior, nonviolent marijuana offenses, establish a lottery selection process to award licenses and certificates, and impose a six percent tax on the retail price of marijuana to benefit various programs.

(Approved, 63 to 36 percent) — Amendment 4 – to allow for increases in minimum funding for a police force established by a state board of police commissioners such as Kansas City’s police force to ensure it has additional resources to serve its community.

(Approved, 60 to 40 percent) — Amendment 5 – to establish the Missouri Department of the National Guard, charged with providing the state militia, headed by the Adjutant General, appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. Currently, the National Guard is within the state’s Department of Public Safety.

(Defeated, 32 to 68 percent) — Constitutional Convention Question – Shall there be a convention to revise and amend the state’s Constitution? Missouri voters every 20 years since 1962 are required to vote on this issue. If the ballot issue had been approved by voters, the Governor would call an election of delegates to serve at a convention for the purpose of revising or amending the Missouri Constitution.