Aly Gatwood to join Lathrop GPM

Aly Gatwood to join Lathrop GPM
After a career working in the House of Representatives Aly Gatwood is joining Lathrop GPM. “I’m very excited for the chance to utilize all of the relationships and experience I’ve gained working in the House and in politics for our clients at Lathrop,” said Gatwood.

At Lathrop, she will be working with former Senator Kurt Schaefer who leads their Governmental Affairs practice. “I’ve already learned a great deal about the other side of the building from him,” said Gatwood. “His views on issues are so much broader than most people in the capitol.”

She leaves the House most recently as the House Clerk but last season was the Legislative Coordinator assisting committee chairs including Conservation, Economic Development, Children’s and Families, and Transportation Committees for former House Speaker Rob Vescovo who she started working for in 2019.

Gatwood was a Political Science major at Missouri State and said she had a passion for politics as a means to help people. “I have a passion for helping women and children who have been affected by domestic violence awareness and child abuse,” said Gatwood. “I view politics as a way to affect change and then I got bit by the political bug.”

The south St. Louis County native began her career working on the initial campaign of former State Representative David Gregory. “You could tell from the start that Aly had an incredible amount of passion for politics and helping people,” said Gregory. “She was a tremendous asset on the campaign trail, and I wasn’t surprised to see how quickly she was promoted in the house. She will be a tremendous asset to former Senator Schaefer and everyone at Lathrop.”

Her family still resides in Sunset Hills where her mother works in accounts, and her father owns a hardwood flooring business.

That led to an internship with former House Majority Leader, now Senator Mike Cierpiot. Then working in the offices of Representatives Mike Stephens and Jared Taylor. “I have never seen anything but good from Aly,” said Rep. Mike Stephens. “She quickly moved up from me and has been a diligent, loyal worker at every stop. She is certainly very pleasant to be around and a warm addition to a workplace.”

Because of the recent lobbying law changes she can’t register to lobby for two years, but can observe committees and take notes for clients. “Aly is super smart, extremely perceptive, has an infectious personality and endless energy,” said Schaefer. “It’s exciting to see her enter the next phase of what I’m sure will be a successful career at Lathrop.”