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At Lathrop GPM Consulting (LGPMC), we believe our holistic perspective, years of hard work and varied experience, and wide network of relationships provide the most effective approach to client advocacy, problem solving, and navigating the complex line where government meets business.

Our Team

The people at Lathrop GPM Consulting offer clients a unique mix of experience both in the public and the private sectors. We’ve held elected and appointed offices; worked with both major political parties; represented every kind of client both large and small; and dealt with some of the most major movements of state government in the last 40 years. Our experience is unmatched in lobbying all branches of state government, procurement, grassroots organizing, communications, and crisis management.

The Lathrop GPM Consulting Team

Kim Akin

Director of Compliance with Missouri’s state ethics laws

Jean Paul Bradshaw

Former United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

Heath Clarkston

With decades of lobbying experience, building strong relationships throughout the state capitol.

Doug Crews

Former state press association executive for more than three decades, lobbyist since 1982.

Harry Gallagher

Veteran lobbyist since 1974, respected and effective.

Doug Nelson

Former Missouri Commissioner of Administration who managed Missouri’s $26 billion annual budget.

Kurt Schaefer

Former Missouri State Senator who spent six years as the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

David Shorr

Former Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.


The Lathrop GPM Consulting team brings the holistic perspective that provides an informed and effective approach, whatever your objectives may be. Lathrop GPM Consulting stands ready to offer a variety of services for you, including:

Legislative Advocacy

Lobbying, drafting legislation, educating lawmakers, testifying for or against proposed legislation, distributing timely reports of happenings in the state capitol.

Administrative Agency Monitoring & Lobbying

Drafting regulations, testifying before state agencies, monitoring rule changes.

State & Local Government Contract Procurement

Connecting vendors with key officials, assisting with contract procurement and implementation.
Strategic Communications Consulting

Developing and communicating key messages to government entities, the media, and the public.

Grassroots Coalition Building

Connecting clients and entities with similar interests to create a network sharing a common goal.

Political Strategy

Advising on key constituencies, consulting on mandatory ethics reporting.
Out-of-state Advocacy Networking
LGPMC is a proud member of The Advocacy Group, a 50-state lobbying network with deep relationships across the USA.

LGPMC’s headquarters is located just three blocks from the historic Missouri State Capitol building in downtown Jefferson City. The Lathrop GPM building provides our clients with event space, conference rooms and offices, Guest WiFi, and audio/visual equipment and connections. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lathrop GPM law firm, Lathrop GPM Consulting also has access to one of the oldest and most-respected full-service law firms in Missouri with offices throughout the state and across the USA.

Our Successes

The Lathrop GPM Consulting team works tirelessly during the annual legislative session, any special sessions of the General Assembly, and year-round with various state agencies. Recent examples include:

Our client seeking state certification from the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) to operate an opioid treatment program in eastern Missouri. We helped garner support from more than 20 local groups for the planned facility. When DMH denied our client’s application, we mounted an aggressive appeal, resulting in a reversal by DMH and its issuance of state certification to our client.

A health information management company, facing ongoing litigation concerning whether state statutes afford the ability to collect fees for health records searches, whether or not a record is found. We offered a legislative fix to several pending bills, and state law was modified in our client’s favor. Also, we helped pass a consumer price index adjustment to the allowable fee for records searches. The legislative changes potentially can save our client millions of dollars annually and significantly increase its revenue.

A private lab company seeking state certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) from the Missouri Office of Equal Opportunity sought assistance in working through the many items needed to qualify. With our many contacts, we helped work through the numerous tax challenges, re-certification of the business with the Secretary of State’s Office and the challenging WBE application requirements. The client received its WBE status and now is registered with the State of Missouri and can compete for work as a WBE moving forward. for a large mixed-use redevelopment project in western Missouri. A bill, introduced to reduce significantly the historic tax credits cap, negatively affected our client’s financing for the project. We modified bill language suggested by several interested parties and helped increase the tax credits cap, allowing our client to proceed with its project.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges and hardships, but we have been able to work with multiple clients regarding the opportunities it has also presented. We assisted clients with numerous procurement opportunities – both emergency and regular procurements – during the pandemic. These opportunities included assisting clients in personal protective equipment (PPE) acquisition with state and local governments, both on an emergency basis and actively registering them on the state marketplace. Additionally, we successfully worked with a small, private Minority Business Enterprise lab and obtained a contract with the state to perform COVID-19 testing for its facilities and community-based testing. We also opened doors for clients to compete for opportunities regarding test kits and contact tracing.

Our client is a large provider of data and access to data for numerous employers and financial institutions in making their business decisions. We successfully defeated numerous pieces of legislation that attempted to make it more difficult to obtain consumer information for purposes of performing background checks and credit checks, including the nondisclosure of misdemeanor offenses/traffic violations and attempts to curtail the use of credit scores in hiring decisions. The continued use of consumer data information and understanding the state’s Sunshine Law are becoming increasingly important with COVID-19 impact to business operations.

News & Links

Missouri Supreme Court Tosses Out 2018 Bill Due to Multiple Subjects

Missouri Supreme Court Tosses Out 2018 Bill Due to Multiple Subjects

A lawsuit filed by the City of De Soto and a De Soto resident (the plaintiffs) sought a declaratory judgment that a bill passed in 2018 by the General Assembly violated the “single-subject” provision of the Missouri Constitution and that the bill contained “an...

Governor Signs Legislation to Increase Missouri Gas Tax

Governor Signs Legislation to Increase Missouri Gas Tax

The Missouri General Assembly passed a gas tax increase in May 2021 to help fund road and bridge projects. On Tuesday, July 13, Governor Mike Parson (R) signed Senate Bill 262 (sponsored by Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan). Beginning in October 2021...

General Assembly Passes 69 Bills in 2021 Legislative Session

General Assembly Passes 69 Bills in 2021 Legislative Session

The Missouri General Assembly ended the 2021 legislative session on May 14 with some major accomplishments in the 69 bills that crossed the finish line. More than 2,270 bills had been filed for the 2021 session and many of the provisions of these bills were added as...


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